Why You Should Consider Corporate Catering

Tips for Planning Corporate Catering

Corporate events like seminars, conferences, trade shows, product launches, and business dinners are common in the corporate world. These corporate events aim to recognize workforce leaders and provide resources and training to employees to further their goals, particularly in their careers. These events also aim to foster unity and collaboration among teams. Aside from employees, corporate events also focus on clients.

Food and drinks are  staples during corporate events. Instead of feeling the stress and burden of feeding your attendees, you can consider corporate catering.  There are reliable corporate catering companies to help you through and will make sure that your corporate event is a success. Before you opt for or plan corporate catering, you can refer to the tips given below.

Why You Should Consider Corporate Catering

Corporate events require great culinary experience to complement the business event. With excellent organizing and proper planning and  the help of the best corporate catering companies, you can certainly pull through everything with ease. The following are compelling reasons to consider corporate catering for the next event in your company:

  • Wide Variety of Foods

If you are clueless about what foods to offer at your corporate event, expert caterers can give you the guidance and assistance you need. With corporate catering, an experienced and skilled caterer will provide a variety of foods giving guests and employees more food options.

  • Cost-effective

Without proper experience and knowledge in handling larger-scale meals, estimating the right amount of food needed for a corporate event can be challenging. Expert caterers can help estimate the volume of expected guests, enabling you to do corporate catering cost-effectively.

  • Professional Food Handling

Corporate catering professionals can guarantee safe and proper food handling. These professionals will ensure that foods are properly cooked to satisfy guests and avoid cross-contamination as well. Considering corporate catering also helps with permits for serving alcohol during the business function.

  • Set Atmosphere and Tone to the Event

Corporate catering companies will recommend the most appropriate serving styles and décor to establish the perfect tone and atmosphere for your business event and important discussions.

  • Saves you Time

It’s important to consider corporate catering because it saves you time. No need to worry about planning, cooking, and serving food, so you can focus on other important tasks. ­­­

Tips for Planning Corporate Catering

  • Consider the Theme

When planning for corporate catering, make sure that you consider the theme of your corporate event. If your objective is to surprise everybody, you can go for a buffet. Opt for more formal corporate catering if you want to thank your team and recognize the top-earning or top-performing employees. One of the best corporate catering companies can help you focus on the theme and message you wish to convey in the corporate event and help you with menu planning as well.

  • Stick to the Budget and Schedule

Another important tip for planning corporate catering is sticking to the budget and schedule. Make sure to highlight and clarify what’s included in the budget and review this closely with the professional caterer or event planner. Caterers can help you plan and budget everything for your corporate event. Plan the event and its food service according to work and schedules. In such a way, it will also be easier for the caterers to manage the cooking times and serve the food.

  • Overestimate the Headcount

Have your headcount estimate ready and give the details to your caterer. It allows them to start planning and working on the menu options. Give your caterer constant updates as much as possible, especially if the event is near. In case you’re considering a buffet, keep in mind that this can only accommodate a few guests. When it comes to headcount, it’s best to overestimate so that you can accommodate last-minute guests or attendees.

  • Menu Planning

The number of guests in catered events ranges from small to large gatherings of business individuals. Knowing the type of event and the people attending it is the first crucial step to successful corporate catering. People in the corporate world often attend business events and conferences and are tired of eating the same food. To make your corporate catering stand out, pay close attention to menu planning. Work hand in hand with your caterer and determine how informal or formal the event is, how guests will be coming to the venue, whether are they based locally or out of town, their backgrounds, and other considerable factors.

  • Dietary Restrictions

Corporate events should ensure excellent service and the safety of everyone. When planning for corporate catering, your caterer must understand not just the cuisine choices of the guests but also their dietary restrictions. Before the event, the caterer should know if guests have special dietary needs so that they can address this beforehand. Common dietary restrictions include food allergies, food intolerances, religious requirements, and personal dietary restrictions, such as veganism or vegetarianism.

  • Catering Style

When planning for corporate catering, remember that corporate catering companies provide different catering styles or services, such as plated, buffet, cafeteria service, and more. Choose the right catering style for your corporate event based on its theme and the preference of guests or attendees.

Catering Tips to Pull-off Corporate Events


Even at corporate functions, it cannot be denied that people love to eat. Companies and businesses can host different events, but food and drinks will remain a crucial part of them. If you are planning to make your corporate event to be well catered, contact us now. We can provide you with quality catering services based on the needs and demands of your guests and the overall theme of your corporate function. You can rely on us in handling corporate catering and be assured that all our caterers are experienced and professionally trained to prepare and present foods of all kinds.