Summary: Bridal shower is the best time for the bride-to-be to enjoy with her family and friends before the big day. However, it’s not necessary to burn a hole in your pocket on this occasion. Party food can drain your pocket if you’re not careful. You don’t want to end up spending your funds, which are already allocated for the main day. Keeping everything simple yet memorable is more than enough to keep everyone joyful. The good news is that there are several affordable yet sumptuous catering ideas you can consider. Read on to discover them.

Dessert Bar

Desserts are a fantastic option since they entail effortless preparation. Your caterer will take care of everything from the design, baking, and preparation. However, you need to come up with a theme so that the desserts and the bar would match the vibe of your bridal shower party. Ladies generally love some bits of caramel and sugar. So, they will be happy to have some of them, like cupcakes topped with chocolate or cream. 

You can also request your caterer to serve some champagne, wine, coffee, or tea so your guests can take a sip of their favorite beverage while chatting with the other attendees. Mini cakes served with a drink would also be awesome. These are perfect for ladies who prefer having a light meal. 

Tea Party

This is another excellent option for a bridal shower party, particularly if desserts or finger foods are served. They are plain, simple, and easy to prepare. And that means you don’t necessarily have to shell out a lot of bucks for the catering. However, consider dietary restrictions. Therefore, we recommend you request the caterer to prepare a few options, such as halal, vegan, or kosher. When it comes to tea, vary it up to include options such as black, green, and purple. 

Fruit Salad

This refreshing dessert is ideal for a bridal shower party, as it is colorful. Most importantly, it is loaded with calories and vitamins. And there’s no better choice than fruit salad, particularly on a hot afternoon. Companies offering catering Weatherford, TX are experts when it comes to coming up with a delightful and enticing fruit salad preparation. A glass of champagne will also elevate the experience. However, inform your caterer not to serve the salad later in the afternoon, especially if there is an incoming main meal. 

Catering Ideas for Your Bridal Shower


If you don’t have a budget for a caterer, then you can opt for a potluck. Ask your guests beforehand to bring home-cooked meals to the event. Prepare a buffet-like setting so that all attendees can grab a bite of the dishes. A potluck is a fun way to celebrate a bridal shower on a budget. However, it will leave you and your guests busy cleaning up after the party. If you don’t want to deal with this inconvenience, then hire a caterer instead.  

Finger Foods

Finger foods are an excellent option for desserts since they limit the number of servings a visitor can have. They are time-consuming to make and more expensive than dips and desserts. However, they can make any bridal shower party memorable. Some finger foods like cabbage rolls, broken rice, roasted tomato, chickpea salad, and Caprese summer roll boats are excellent options, especially when served with a glass of champagne, beer, or wine. Speak to your caterer about adding juices and mocktails as well to consider guests who don’t drink alcohol.

Sandwiches and Sliders

As far as the main course goes, we recommend sticking to dishes that can be handheld and eaten in just two to three bites. Remember that a bridal shower is a light lunch; not a complete sit-down dinner party. Therefore, over-the-top entrees are unnecessary.

Regarding sandwiches, you can always go right with a typical deli meat combo, such as ham, turkey, and roast beef. These are all-time favorites. You can also choose simple salad styles such as egg, tuna, or chicken. Upgrade from the usual bun or bread method of sandwich serving by opting for pinwheels or mini wraps. You can also ask the caterer to serve stuffed French bread or a muffuletta sandwich.

However, if you want the party to be as casual as possible, then taco catering can be your best bet. Everybody loves tacos, so you can never go wrong with adding them to the menu.

Raw Bar

This is one of the best catering ideas for a bridal shower. You can go for a coastal-themed or seaside summer soiree if you intend to host the party on the beach or in the poolside. Clams, oysters, lobster claws on a bed of ice, and shrimps are mouthwatering choices. Of course, you can ask your caterer to come up with a unique and enticing presentation to make the dishes even more irresistible.

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You can save a lot of money by doing the entire food preparation, table setting, and post-party clean-up for your bridal shower. However, isn’t this too cumbersome and exhausting? Thus, investing in a company offering topnotch catering Weatherford, TX is a smarter move.

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