Summary: During the cold season, it is easy to feel underwhelmed by dishes you have seen or tasted many times. So, if you are hosting an event, ensure to serve your guests something unique and special yet suitable. To spark inspiration, we have rounded up below the best seasonable foods you can request a catering company to add to their menu this winter. 

Starter Foods

Warm, soft cheese must be on top of the list. You can choose from baked brie or cheese fondue served with baguettes and peppered jelly. Warm, hearty muffuletta sandwiches are also great picks. So, ensure to request them when hiring a company specializing in catering Weatherford, TX. Of course, don’t forget beeks salad with dried cranberries, field greens, candied walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette. 


There’s no question about it—soups are the ultimate winter go-to. So, ensure to include them in your catering menu. If served as hours d’ oeuvres, a grilled cheese square with roasted tomato shooters is the best option. Small mugs of soup work well during cocktail hour. This is because they are handy, and sipping is easy. Creamy bisques like lobster, corn, crab, or turtle bisque are an excellent choice too. What’s more, pumpkin soup is ideal, as are stews packed with veggies and meats. To complement the cold weather, ask your caterer to add some spices as they enhance the warmth of the soup. 


Yes, bread must be part of your breakfast catering menu this winter season. Yet, ensure they are served as if they came straight from the oven—warm and filled with butter. As a complement to a meal, your caterer can include some exclusivity by serving cheese slices, popovers, zucchini bread, or even hearty winter grains. Do you prefer something sweet? Why not request cranberry bread or pumpkin bread? You can also give your guests a warm, comfortable hug by mixing soup ladled into bread bowls. 

Apple pie rolls are also perfect for your winter menu. Fresh apples are cooked with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. They are wrapped in dough and showered with brown sugar. To make them savorier with a bit of kick, tell your catering company to add cranberries, raisins, or some curry spice. 

Food Bars

Potatoes are a favorite winter ingredient and work just right for a pirogue station. If you are tying the knot this season, request your caterer to add Mac N Cheese Martini Bar or Mashed Potatoes to your wedding catering menu. The toppings for these mouth-watering bars include andouille, bacon choices, green onions, sour cream, blue cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions, fig balsamic reduction, pico, truffle oil, and mushroom gravy. A grit bar is ideal for winter occasions but make sure to incorporate shredded butter and cheese, green onion, andouille, and BBQ shrimp. Also. Nothing can warm your tummy and create an impressive presentation like a Gumbo pot. It would be great if your caterer could serve a piping hot pot of smoked seafood gumbo or chicken served with rice. 


We all love pasta; it is an excellent way to bring in seasonal ingredients. Winter classics comprise butternut ravioli with a sage butter sauce. Gourmet with lobster ravioli and upscale cream sauce is also an excellent addition to the pasta menu. Encourage your guests to pick their ingredients by serving pasta as an action station. Ask the staff to sauté whatever toppings your guests choose to have their one custom dish cooked right before their eyes. 


Pot roasts, prime rib, and chicken masala are ideal main entrée at a winter event. Carving stations will surely make the event more outstanding. Aside from being impressive, your guests will love the personal chef service. Southern fried turkey with cranberry pear chutney or a roasted carving station is also perfect for winter events. Meat is also a great appetizer, like satay and savory meatballs. 


You can close the evening with sweet treats that can warm your guest’s tummies, such as cheesecake with caramel pecan sauce or molten lava cake. Ensure to include a selection of pumpkins, pecan pies, and mini apples. You can never go wrong with banana foster flambé or crepe Suzette too. Of course, your guests will love sipping hot chocolate with toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, pepper, cocoa bits, and cinnamon. 


Ask your caterer to winterize the bar by serving seasonable favorites like hot buttered rum, hot spiked apple cider, or gingerbread eggnog. For a striking twist, serve a small glass of hot sake. 

If you want to amaze your guests, then cocktails should be included too. But since you have a winter theme, it is just right for the drinks to embody it too. Below are some of the best drinks to include in your winter catering menu. 

  • Beer Americano
  • Winter Snowflake Cocktail
  • Eggnog Cocktail
  • Mulled Wine
  • Candy Cane Cocktail

How Many Winter Items Must I Add to My Menu?

The answer to this question depends on what is best for you and your guests. You can have an entire winter menu or just include some drinks or dishes. If you are hiring a short-staffed catering company in Weatherford, TX, just add only an item or two, like an appetizer or a drink. But wait. Do you have access to ingredients and is the chef on board? Then you can go all out with a complete winter menu. For instance, you can request dishes with most or all ingredients, such as salads, main courses, drinks, soups, and desserts.

We Are Your Reliable Taco Catering Company

Integrating winter foods into your event is an exciting and festive way to give a spirit of warmth to the occasion. The best catering company, like Flavor of 51, will closely work with you to ensure a delightful event. We have been serving Weatherford and the surrounding areas for years. Whether you require breakfast, lunch, dinner, or taco catering, our team has got you covered. What’s more, we customize your menu for the theme and season.

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