Benefits of a Catered Breakfast

Catering Ideas for Breakfast

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Employees are said to be more focused and productive at breakfast time. This is probably one of the reasons why morning meetings are often set. Breakfast meetings tend to have more positive results since employees tend to pay more attention in the morning than in those meetings held in the latter part of the day. Whether it is a group meeting, training session, early morning conference, or corporate staff get-together, consider breakfast catering. Aside from maximizing productivity, these catering services entail many benefits.

Benefits of a Catered Breakfast

Boost Employee Morale

Catered breakfasts are proven to increase morale and boost the productivity of employees. When employees are happy, they become more motivated to work. Breakfast catering can boost employee morale every morning. When employees are no longer tasked to buy and make breakfast for the meeting, they’ll feel relaxed and less stressed. It also translates to better productivity during the entire workday.

Improve Productivity

Improving employee productivity is one of the major objectives of business managers and owners. Though there are countless ways to increase productivity, one of the best ways is making sure that employees begin their day with healthy and delicious meals. Breakfast catering services help employees boost their productivity for several key reasons. There are many instances that employees are late because they stop somewhere to get breakfast. If you want your team to be productive and on time, consider breakfast catering. In such a way, they also get to start working earlier.

Encourage Cooperation

It’s not that easy for employees coming from different departments to bond. Nevertheless, providing food in the workplace is a great way to encourage bonding between employees from different departments and backgrounds.

Even if the company orders shareable platters or individual meal boxes from the caterer, providing catered breakfasts is a simple yet pleasant gesture and provides opportunities for employees to sit down together during early morning meetings. This also promotes collaboration, encourages cooperation, and tends to start good conversations.

Sync Energy Levels and Schedules

With catered breakfasts, employees won’t waste their time and effort walking around. These types of breakfast are readily available at specified timeframes. Employees will be encouraged to report to work earlier, enabling them to eat something right at the workplace. It syncs energy levels and their schedules and helps them manage  time effectively.

Catering Ideas for Breakfast

Plated Meals

This breakfast catering idea gives a formal touch to early morning meetings or corporate events. The usual menu for plated meals includes eggs, pancakes or omelets, toast, mushrooms, and bacon. An expert caterer will make sure that they have something suited for your employees’ special dietary requirements and needs.

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables definitely have something great and tempting to offer for everybody. Packed with selections of fruits, cheese, cut meats, bread, spreads, and more, grazing tables are fun breakfast catering ideas worth considering. It adds a modern twist to the usual catering style. Grazing tables are perfect not just for early morning meetings, but for longer meetings anytime of the day. It makes employees engaged and well-fed as well.

Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfasts are light morning meals commonly consisting of toast, coffee, tea, fruits, and baked goods. In many instances, continental breakfasts are served buffet style. These breakfasts give you the feeling of enjoying European breakfasts served and enjoyed in France or the Mediterranean. This catering idea for breakfast is proven to be a healthier option and is cost-effective, popular, and manageable since the food included in a continental breakfast usually doesn’t need to be cooked.

Breakfast Buffets

If the situation calls for early morning meetings, you might as well survive it and enjoy it. Breakfast buffets are great eye-openers and definitely what everyone needs for an early morning start. Breakfast buffets offer value to bigger crowds and these hearty breakfasts provide added energy to boost focus and concentration in the morning.

A breakfast buffet is a great breakfast catering idea for early morning meetings. Companies can boost morale and collaboration by bringing people together in informal settings. The atmosphere that it gives is conducive to client satisfaction and employee empowerment.

DIY Breakfast Station

DIY breakfast stations are also a hit during breakfast meetings. You don’t need a huge space for this. A part of the office or a particular chosen venue will do. DIY breakfast stations make early morning meetings more fun and engaging, so make your next meeting or gathering memorable with these DIY stations. Some options include a pancake station,  waffle station, smoothie bowl station, and omelet station.


Ensure that there are drinks available on the arrival of guests or attendees of the meeting. With breakfast catering, you can be assured of having drinks like coffee, tea, or fresh fruit juice available for everyone. If you want added luxury, your caterer can also work on this. Coffee is one of the top favorites during breakfast time but make sure you still have something to offer to non-coffee drinkers.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

If you are considering breakfast catering for early morning meetings, ensure that dietary restrictions are considered. These might include gluten or lactose intolerance, food allergies, and more. Think about how someone with special dietary needs will react to the food that will be served. Make adjustments if necessary to ensure safety and suit everyone’s needs.

Six Breakfast Catering Ideas


Make sure that your early morning meeting is a success with delicious and healthy food and drinks. If you’re thinking about breakfast catering, contact us now. We offer quality and professional catering services for breakfast meetings and other corporate events.